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Our Projects

Community Energy South "No-One Left Behind" funding

More great news - we have been awarded a grant by Community Energy South to deliver the “No-One Left Behind”. GUCE will support local residents who might feel unsure about numerous things to do with energy and the transition to net zero, be that with sky high energy bills or in how they’re looking to decarbonise their home.

Running until March 2025, GUCE will be delivering presentations, workshops, and have hired a Home Energy Champion to deliver bespoke home visits. These will provide information on everything from tariffs and grants to retrofitting their home or getting an EV.

Sarah Burgess, who is coordinating the project for GUCE, said “While we’re a long way from having the heating back on, there are still many people in our local community that are worried or have unanswered questions about their energy bills and keeping their homes warm. This project is an amazing opportunity for local people to get real local help and support, tailored for their individual needs. So often we see that small changes add up to big money savings, and we’re really excited to be part of this project to help our community”.

If you are running an event or host a local group and would like GUCE to come along and talk about energy saving, or if you’re a resident in Dacorum, Three Rivers or Watford and would like to find out more about a Home Visit please email Sarah at

Community Energy Fund (CEF) grant to investigate solar on local car parks

We're thrilled to announce our recent CEF grant win to explore solar potential on local car parks. Our Stage 1 feasibility study will assess seven sites in Three Rivers District for solar installations, with a prospective output of 2MW. Initiated by discussions with local councilor Chris Mitchell and supported by TRDC's Joanna Hewitson, the project aims to extend across multiple locations. The study will evaluate site viability, design possibilities, challenges, and expected benefits. Successful sites will advance to a detailed analysis, focusing on community value, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact.

Heating Kings Langley

We're excited to share that we have secured a £100,000 grant from the CEF (from Greater South East Net Zero Hub and DESNZ) to conduct an in-depth study of a heat network for Kings Langley. Building on our feasibility study, funded by the Rural Community Energy Fund, we're exploring the innovative use of the Gade Valley Chalk Aquifer to heat homes. This significant CEF grant will enable us to design a community-wide heat network, offering a more affordable and stable energy alternative to gas heating. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to decarbonisation and energy security for our community.

For more details on the project please visit: Heating Kings Langley

For a recent report on the project and a visit to an active similar project in Swaffam Prior: Case Study at Swaffam Prior

Join us in this groundbreaking journey towards a sustainable and self-sufficient Kings Langley.

Fast Followers Innovate UK with Three Rivers District Council

In April 2023, GUCE were part of TRDC’s winning bid for a Fast Followers grant through Innovate UK. The aim of the project is to identify the non technical barriers stopping the Council reaching their Net Zero targets and work on schemes to reduce them. This will enable the Council to cut carbon across the District and achieve their overall Net Zero goals.

GUCE is partnering with TRDC for two work streams as part of this project. The first is launching Transition Streets to the whole of Three Rivers District, engaging neighbours, streets, and communities to support each other via the Transition Streets programme to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.
See a video here about a recent webinar with more information on Transition Streets and how to get involved

As part of this we’ve had a grant to buy a Thermal Imaging Camera and will be providing basic free thermal images for any TRDC residents taking part in the Transition Streets programme.

If you’re a TRDC resident and would like to get involved in or lead a Transition Streets programme near you then find out more here and see below to see what it's like to take part:

The second workstream is promoting community energy options for local community buildings in the District. We’ll be talking to schools, leisure centres, and other locally run buildings about how we can support them to switch to renewables for their energy supplies. The goal is to show them what’s possible and, using community energy solutions, provide energy bill security while reducing their organisation’s carbon footprint.

Transition Streets

Transition Streets is back on, as above. This award winning series of workshops kicked off in with neighbourhood groups in January 2023, with places for 10 streets in Kings Langley and 7 groups from nearby villages.

Transition Streets helps us connect with our neighbours, support each other to reduce our living costs, and cut our carbon footprint whilst taking practical actions together as a community. It's a judgement free zone, where you can ask any questions and share your tips and knowledge.

For more information on the programme, please see our leaflet or the workbook. More information on the history of Transition Streets, how it began and stories from those involved please visit : Transition Streets - Transition Town Totnes

Transitioning Hertfordshire
Towards Sustainability

The Grand Union Transition and Sustainability Initiative (GUTSI) was formed in January 2021 by a group of transition-minded individuals, (including two GUCE directors), with a view to pooling the expertise within the community on sustainability and providing support to local authorities as they plan the climate transition. GUTSI is a project of GUCE.

The local government's Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership indicated they were interested in the local community acting as a critical friend as they developed their action plans relating to water, biodiversity, transport, and climate change.

To date, GUTSI associates provided comments to the HCCSP on their draft Water plan in 2021.

GUTSI also won a Transition Bounce grant which enabled GUTSI to deliver a climate change communications workshop to 45 officers from councils throughout Hertfordshire, in partnership with Climate Outreach, in 2022.

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