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Invest in the power of your community

Creating sustainable benefits to the people of our local communities.

Our idea

Grand Union Community Energy (GUCE) is a community benefit society, established to improve local community resilience in the face of increasing energy costs and climate change - enabling the local residents to do something real and lasting about climate change.

Funding Boost with Three Rivers

Three Rivers to accelerate climate action thanks to nearly £300,000 funding boost | Environment and Climate Emergency | Three Rivers District Council

Looking back

GUCE evolved as a project of Transition In Kings in 2012 with the launch of a £70,000 share offer to finance solar panels on the roofs of a local school, which we raised in 8 weeks.

Looking forward

The need to expand renewable energy is more urgent now than ever. As we undergo the biggest energy transition in a hundred years, we want to enable this to take place in a way that creates positive local impacts.

To that end, we are undertaking a feasibility study about potential to heat homes from the canal at Tooveys Mill, and are starting a Transition Streets project to grow our communities and save some money and the natural world at the same time.

Our community

GUCE wants to enable members of our community to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Using either our know-how or our community fund, we've been proud to have supported multiple projects across southwest Herts to improve local community resilience by encouraging learning about CO2 and growing the use of renewable energy.

The opportunities now available to us are unprecedented. At this momentous moment in history, we hope that there are some of you who believe YOU CAN PLAY A ROLE TOO in taking ideas forward.


The Grand Union Transition and Sustainability Initiative (GUTSI) was formed in January 2021 by a group of transition-minded individuals, (including two GUCE directors), with a view to pooling the expertise within the community on sustainability and providing support to local authorities as they plan the climate transition. GUTSI is a project of GUCE.

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