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Empowering Hertfordshire

GUCE wants to enable members of our community to contribute to the fight against climate change. Using either our know-how or our community fund, we've been proud to have supported multiple projects across southwest Herts to improve local community resilience by encouraging learning about CO2 and growing the use of renewable energy.

Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on recently:

Kings Langley

In 2013, we successfully raised funds via a community share offer to install 46kW solar panels at a local school in Kings Langley. We also acquired the existing 4kW panel on the roofs of the same school. These panels deliver the school buildings with solar energy, which GUCE sells at a discounted rate. Together with the Feed in Tariff revenues, this income enables GUCE not only to repay its shareholders over time but to generate a community fund for other local initiatives.

We have generated "Negawatts" by supporting groups of neighbours to adopt energy saving measures, using the Transition Streets workbook developed by Transition Town Totnes and adapted for local conditions and resources.


West Herts/Watford Community Housing Trust - third stage feasibility assessment and business model for solar panels on 8 community centres in Watford.

Abbots Langley

Transition Streets Abbots Langley.

Hemel Hempstead

Boxmoor Primary school, Hemel Hempstead - first stage assessment (meeting and walk around).


Sunnyside Rural Trust first stage assessment. Sunnyside Rural Trust mini grant for grass roof in new Northchurch visitor centre. Sunnyside Rural Trust review of energy strategy for Northchurch site. Sunnyside Rural Trust - identification of opportunity for Anaerobic Digester, mentoring during acquisition and installation

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