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Transition Streets helps us connect with our neighbours, support each other to reduce our living costs, and cut our carbon footprint whilst taking practical actions together as a community. It’s a judgement free zone, where you can ask any questions and share your tips and knowledge.

We have been lucky to be part of the winning bid for a grant to help residents in Three Rivers, with Three Rivers District Council.  It’s a great opportunity, but does mean that to get involved in Transition Streets the route is different depending on which District you live:

Get Involved – Dacorum Residents

Dacorum residents can complete this online form to apply to join.

The Transition Streets Handbook for Dacorum residents is available here.

Get Involved – Three Rivers Residents

Three Rivers residents sign up here to find out more about you can get involved in a Transition Streets programme near you: Three Rivers Transition Streets Programme (

The Transition Streets Starter Pack for Three Rivers residents is available here, and the Handbook is available here.

What’s Next

If you have completed Transition Streets, we would be very grateful if you could complete this evaluation form.

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